About Our Party

Why settle for politics as usual? The Hillsborough County Democratic Party strives to make a difference in the local, state, and national levels. The Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is the governing body of our Democratic Party. Chartered under the Florida Democratic Party (FDP), we actively build and maintain relationships between citizens in Hillsborough County and their elected officials.

We seek active participation in the decision-making process of the Democratic Party on a county level. Our members are composed of democratic individuals who are divided by precincts, with one man and one woman for every one thousand registered democrats in that precinct. Visit the following pages for more information:

Join Us at One of Our Meetings

On the third Monday of every month, we hold a meeting to discuss issues, share the latest news, and listen to various presenters. We invite you to join and let your voice be heard. Because we are a Florida Democratic Party, we value your opinion and input. If you’d like more information about upcoming dates and locations, contact us today.

Strengthening Our Political Presence

Our goal is to increase our democratic presence throughout county and strengthen the democratic foundation. By getting our message out, we are able to recruit future candidates, pursue democratic ideals and initiatives, and most importantly, win elections on county, state, and national levels.

In our current political climate, we want to be a powerful force for good in our society. We prioritize excellent education, affordable health care, and a strong economy where anyone who works hard can succeed. Most importantly, we look out for those in our society that do not have a strong voice.

Contact us to get involved and be a part of the solution. We proudly serve residents throughout Hillsborough County, Florida.